Atlanta Lawn Care Tips

DIY Lawn Care Tips for Residents of Atlanta, GA & Nearby Areas

Lawn Care Atlanta GAMany in the Atlanta, Georgia, area utilize the services of a lawn care company. However, keeping a lawn in tip-top condition normally requires a bit of additional work on behalf of the homeowner. Here is a list of several important steps that a homeowner can take to keep their lawn beautiful and well-maintained:

  • Mowing – A lawn should ideally be mowed once a week during the spring and summer months. Consult a lawn care professional if you do not know the correct mowing height for your specific grass type.
  • Blade sharpening – A dull lawn mower blade can lead to damaged grass that is susceptible to disease. You can sharpen a dull blade yourself or have it done by a lawn mower repair company.
  • Watering – Perhaps no other lawn care responsibility is more important than proper watering. The best time of the day to water a lawn is early in the morning or late in the evening. Regardless of where you live in the Atlanta, GA, be sure to check for the existence of any lawn-watering restrictions.
  • Debris removal – Removing debris like leaves and twigs from your lawn on a regular basis will not only make it look nicer but also promote air circulation, sunlight absorption, and water absorption – all things your grass needs to thrive.
  • Fertilizing – It is practically essential to fertilize a lawn at the proper times each year. If you are unsure what type of fertilizer to use and/or when to use it, then perhaps leave this important task to a qualified lawn care professional.

For more information, contact All Turf Lawn Care, an Atlanta, GA, area company that can thoroughly evaluate your turf care needs and devise a fully customized turf management program that will keep your lawn healthy and looking beautiful.