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Mar 13, 2016 | General

An All Turf Technician will give you a free estimate for a custom lawn care plan!

Are you ready to step up your lawn care? Lawn care is a great solution for many common issues including weeds and lawn disease. Our treatment programs help your lawn grow healthier for you to enjoy all year. Year round lawn care yields the best results; the products used by All Turf Lawn Care are created to work together for optimum yard health.

All Turf is a locally owned and operated company serving Alpharetta with over 20 years of experience. As experts in the field, we are ready to personally develop a plan to care for your lawn for years to come.

Lawn Care Programs in Alpharetta

8 Step Basic Lawn Care

Our basic program runs continuously throughout the year to ensure that your grass is receiving the proper nutrients and prevention it needs in order to remain healthy.

12 Step Premium Lawn Care

Our premium program takes our year round lawn servicing to an even better level; we provide the basics plus additional applications and attention to your lawn.

Additional Lawn Care Maintanence

Weed Control

As licensed lawn care providers, we are highly trained and educated in weed control; we use the best chemical and organic weed control products and herbicides available.


With the appropriate use of fertilization, your lawn is sure to possess the qualities of a healthy lawn including fewer insects and weeds, thicker grass, reducing of runoff and resistance to elemental stressors.

Top Dressing and Sanding

Top Dressing, also known as sanding, is a lawn care treatment practice that improves the color and growth and health of grasses.

Lawn Disease Control

There are multiple disease informants that you may have noticed in your lawn such as brown spots or discoloration. Many of these are characteristics of common lawn diseases and fungus. All Turf has the knowledge and tools to rid your lawn of diseases as well as to prevent future disease from affecting your turf.

Core Aeration and Seeding

Core aeration is a practice that should be applied to your lawn at least once per year. This is the process of removing small amounts of soil, allowing air and water to reach the root systems of grass. Seeding at this time is also suggested for certain types of grasses.

Ornamental and Shrub Program

Our Ornamental Tree and Shrub program was developed in order to protect your lawn investment. We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management to ensure the health of your ornamentals.

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