Burr…Weeds, Not the Weather

Mar 18, 2015 | Weed Control

Local Weed Control

Aside from scheduling regular Atlanta area lawn care, All Turf Lawn Care often receives calls from customers who specifically need weed control after the winter months. Many customers are surprised that so many weeds are able to sprout up and start taking over during the cold seasons. However, given the number of annual weeds that we know can flourish during winter, it is never a surprise to us! “Lawn burr weed” is one of these common winter weeds that can become problematic in the springtime if left untreated.

All About Burr Weed

The following information about burr weed is the research and findings of Tim R. Murphy – Extension Weed Scientist of The University of Georgia:burr weed

  • “Soliva pterosperma” is a.k.a. lawn burr weed, burweed, spurweed, stickerweed, sandbur, sanbur or sandspur.
  • Lawn burweed is a winter annual member of the Aster family.
  • The weed germinates in the early fall months as temperatures cool and remain small or inconspicuous during the cold winter months.
  • As temperatures warm in the early spring…lawn burweed initiates a period of rapid growth and begins to form spine-tipped burs in the leaf axils. The sharp-tipped spiny burs of this weed can cause minor irritation to the skin.
  • Key identification characteristics of lawn burweed are:
          • opposite, sparsely hairy leaves that are divided into numerous segments, or lobes
          • small, inconspicuous flowers
          • spine tipped burs that are found in the leaf axils (junction of leaf and stem).

All Turf Lawn Care Weed Control

If the above description from Mr. Murphy seems familiar, contact All Turf Lawn Care today for your FREE estimate and let us take care of your burr weed problem. All Turf will make you a personalized lawn treatment plan specifically focused on weed control if it is a problem in your yard. If you simply want to prevent weeds, we can also get you started on a lawn service plan to help with overall treatment and maintenance.

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