Fall Lawn Care: Pre-Emergent & Weed Control

Aug 19, 2019 | General, Weed Control

Fall is coming quicker than we realize here in greater Atlanta, Georgia. Summer has been full of backyard barbeques, plenty of hot days, and soaking up the sun. Now that we are closing in on school starting and Atlanta Falcons football it’s time to think about fall lawn care. Leaves will soon be falling and getting your lawn perfect starts with preventative maintenance. 

What is Pre-Emergent

A pre-emergent in essence is preventative weed control. It works by coating the top layer of the soil with a chemical process that in turn gets to the seeds that later create weeds. By getting to these seeds before they can germinate, you get ahead of the season when your lawn begins to grow back after the winter. The most common types of weeds that fall pre-emergents help to prevent include poa annua, chickweed, and clover. 

Weed prevention is a crucial part of weed control because it is far too costly to play catch up to weeds once they are active! Weed prevention is only feasible for a brief period of time. Pre-emergent needs to be applied to a lawn as soil temperatures are below 70 degrees and beginning to drop. The best time to apply a fall pre-emergent is approximately August-November, depending on how soon things cool down here in Atlanta. As the cool season approaches, it’s important to know that fall is the essential time to get serious about preventative weed maintenance. 

How Do I Get Started?

At All Turf Lawn Care, we specialize in chemical lawn care done right. We can take your lawn through all seasons to ensure it is the envy of the neighborhood come barbeque season. Check out our lawn programs to see how we can help your lawn all year round, or contact us today to learn more about pre-emergent. 


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