Turning Grass-Trash into Eco-Gold

Feb 2, 2015 | Lawn Care Tips

The warm seasons are fast approaching and with them many dormant lawns will soon be springing back to life. At All Turf Lawn Care we look forward to spring because people begin showing their passion for lawns and gardens more readily, a passion that we hold all year long!

If you enjoy having a hand in your lawn care, then you have undoubtedly had to deal with the mess of lawn clippings. Stuffing them into garbage bags and disposing of them can be a real pain! Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to dispose of this grass? Guess what? There is! There are several ways to use your lawn extras to do some good for the environment and your yard. (They don’t have anything to do with compost either!)

Making the Most of Grass Clippings

Here are a few great tips that can turn your grass clippings into eco-gold:

  • Fertilizer- Everyone knows that fertilizer is a great thing to help your yard look magnificent. What you may not know, is that your grass clippings can actually have the same effect. If you allow your clippings to decompose directly on the turf, it can infuse up to two pounds of nitrogen into every 1000 ft.². Not too shabby, huh?
  • Weeds- If weeds trouble your garden or plants, you can use grass clippings as a natural weed barrier much like wood chips and other organic mediums. Distribute the clippings in a thick layer and observe how your cut blades discourage weeds and weed seeds.
  • DIY Time- Feeling crafty? Try making some homemade grass embedded paper! Just use any DIY tutorial for simple papermaking and add some grass into it. Your paper will have a lovely texture, color and pleasing scent. If you’re looking for a great way to make your home smell fabulous, you can also make oil, infused with the scent of fresh cut grass (search online for directions & it’s easy)!

Of course, if you find that all of this lawn work is too exhausting, give All Turf Lawn Care a try. Our turf experts will tell you exactly what your lawn needs to be the “yard of the month” and will take the hassle of lawn clippings off of your shoulders. Contact us for a FREE estimate today!

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