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Lawn Maintenance Atlanta GA

One of the foundations of proper lawn maintenance is the periodic application of specialized products to help ensure that healthy grass isn’t crowded out by weeds, marred by disease, or damaged by certain insects. A trusted provider of these applications and other lawn care services in the Atlanta, Georgia, area is All Turf Lawn Care. We are a family-run lawn maintenance company specializing in turf care management – an umbrella term for lawn care practices designed to keep a lawn both healthy and attractive.

Lawn Maintenance Provider Serving Atlanta, GA & Surrounding Suburbs

All Turf Lawn Care, which has a growing number of branch locations in the Atlanta, GA, area, proudly offers two annual lawn care programs featuring precisely timed chemical applications proven to be highly effective at addressing:

  • Weed growth – Multiple times a year, our team will apply a product that prevents new weeds from growing. If necessary, we will also apply a product to eradicate any weeds that might have sprouted.
  • Insufficient soil nutrients – Applying the right fertilizer at regular intervals is a vital part of any lawn maintenance At All Turf, we use fertilizers that are specially blended for Georgia lawns.
  • High soil acidity – Most Georgia soil is too acidic for grass to thrive. To address this, we apply a carefully controlled amount of limestone to bring each lawn back to the ideal pH level.
  • Insect damage – Subscribers to our Premium lawn maintenance program receive applications designed to prevent infestations of damaging insects.

All Turf Lawn Care will be committed first and foremost to ensuring that your lawn stays healthy and looking its best all year long. After evaluating your grass and testing your soil, we will get right to work on creating a customized, year-long plan designed to achieve the best results possible.

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary lawn maintenance evaluation. We serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the Atlanta, GA, area.

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