Lawn Treatment Service in Metro Atlanta, GA

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All Turf Lawn Care is a lawn treatment specialist serving the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. Founded in 2005 by the father-and-son team of Gary Wilson and Gary Wilson, Jr., All Turf is committed first and foremost to producing gorgeous lawns that our customers can be proud of owning.

To that end, we develop a fully customized lawn treatment program for each customer, one that is carefully tailored to ensure that their lawn is healthy, free of unsightly weeds, and not plagued by other problems such as fire ants and fungus.

Lawn Treatment Programs

We proudly offer the following two lawn treatment programs, both of which are administered year-round by highly trained turf management professionals:

  • Basic – This program involves nine specially timed applications annually, including well-balanced fertilizer, herbicide (for controlling weeds), and limestone (for pH regulation).
  • Premium – All Turf’s Premium lawn treatment service is designed for lawns that possibly require a bit more attention. It includes all of the applications of the Basic Program plus fire ant control, micro/macronutrient treatments, and fungicide (first application free of charge). Subscribers to this lawn care service also receive a discount on our specialty services, which includes aeration, overseeing, topdressing, tree and shrub care, and mosquito control.

Whichever lawn treatment program you choose, you can be confident that your turf care needs will be met on an ongoing basis by a team of highly trained individuals. Contact All Turf Lawn Care today to have your lawn in the Metro Atlanta, GA, area evaluated totally free of charge.

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