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Winter Lawn Care Prep – What Do You Need to Do?

All Turf
December 9th, 2019

Here in the Atlanta area, winter weather approaches quickly and holiday festivities begin. With everything that comes along during the holiday season, lawn care is the last thing on anyone’s mind in most scenarios. But preparing your lawn for winter is extremely important and the work that is put in at this time of year can determine how your Atlanta lawn will look through spring and summer. 

Lawn Dormancy

As we are approaching wintertime, warm turf types are going into dormancy. This means the lawn will go into a state of “hibernation” almost, turning brown, where it will force all of its water and nutrients into its root system. As your lawn transitions into a dormant state, it’s important to apply specific nutrients through fertilizer, pre-emergents to prevent winter weeds, and limestone to balance the pH of the soil. During the dormant season, the turf will retain these nutrients through the harsh conditions of winter. 

Winter Fertilizers

Before the first freeze, applying a winter fertilizer is crucial, as the turf will store these nutrients in the root system which in turn will give you a healthier, faster-growing lawn that will also green up quicker in the spring. Once spring arrives, the lawn will use what nutrients and water it has to bring itself out of dormancy. Potassium is a common element applied to lawns during winter because it will help the lawn protect itself from disease and harsh cold temperatures. Potassium improves winter hardiness and is vital to warm-season grasses surviving winter in Atlanta. 

Weed Control

While the lawn is “sleeping,” certain winter annual weeds are germinating beneath the soil and will begin to sprout in winter and early spring. Pre-emergent applications are applied to prevent common winter weeds like Poa Annua, which can be an eyesore sprouting bright green in a dormant lawn come spring. Without a pre-emergent, weed control during the next season is an uphill battle and could be the one application standing between you and a beautiful spring lawn.


Most effective during cooler, wet conditions, limestone is applied during wintertime as well. Limestone is an element that helps balance the pH of the soil to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for springtime. This will help prepare the soil for another growing season to achieve the best possible growth and color. 


Needless to say, cool-season applications are actually the most important applications of the year! You can call us at All Turf Lawn Care to make sure your Atlanta lawn is prepared for the winter season. As a part of our monthly lawn care program, we are applying preventative weed control that will stop up to 90 different species of weeds from germinating in upcoming seasons. With our care, you can rest assured you will have the lawn to be envied come to Spring. For more information on caring for your lawn in the winter months check out Our Complete Guide to Lawn Care: Winter Edition.