Lawn Care in Atlanta

Lawn Care Atlanta GAIn places like Atlanta, Georgia, lawn care is a year-round responsibility. In the wintertime, for example, it is vitally important to begin getting your lawn back into shape so that you and your family can enjoy it to the fullest in the spring. Prepping a lawn for spring weather can be accomplished either on your own or, better yet, with the assistance of a qualified lawn service, preferably one that will take the time to closely scrutinize your lawn care needs.

Lawn Care 101

The following is a list of helpful tips on how to ensure a successful winter-to-spring transition:

  • Take stock of all your lawn maintenance equipment and check to make sure that it is good working condition. If your lawn mower blade is dull, for example, replace it with a new one yourself or have it done by a local mower repair shop.
  • Inspect your yard for any winter damage. While you’re at it, remove any debris like leaves and sticks that might have accumulated.
  • Have an Atlanta, GA, area lawn care company measure the pH level of the soil. Soil that is too acidic can make it virtually impossible for beautiful grass to thrive.
  • When it begins to warm up outside – at least 60 degrees – that is the ideal time to begin adding fertilizer and have your lawn aerated.

For more information, contact All Turf Lawn Care. We are a family-run turf management company serving Atlanta, GA, and surrounding communities. It will be our pleasure to evaluate your lawn and recommend the most cost-effective way to keep it healthy and looking beautiful. At All Turf, we offer two programs – Basic and Premium – that are designed to help your lawn reach its fullest potential. Other lawn care services that we offer include lawn aeration, overseeding, fire ant control, and mosquito control.