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Here at All Turf Lawn Care, we are a family-owned and operated company with over 20 years of experience specializing in lawn treatment in Atlanta. We work every day to ensure that all of our clients’ lawns are properly cared for with our comprehensive lawn maintenance programs. By testing your soil down to the molecular level and using the highest quality products, we are able to create a custom blended fertilizer that is made specific to your lawn. We offer many lawn treatment options that include fertilization, weed control, insecticides, and more!

Each team at All Turf Lawn Care is headed by an area manager who is responsible for keeping an open line between our technicians and clients to ensure that each of our clients are satisfied with every bit of their lawn treatment in Atlanta. Your needs will never go unheard at All Turf Lawn Care! Contact us today to get started!

Complete Lawn Care Service in Atlanta

At All Turf, we offer the most comprehensive lawn care program in the industry. We have premium monthly lawn treatments in Atlanta that are truly second to none! Some of our programs include fertilization with our custom blended fertilizers, weed control to keep your lawn clear of stubborn weeds, insecticides to rid your lawn of turf-damaging or pesky insects, and fire ant control to protect you and your family from painful bites. Check out each of our lawn care treatment options here. We also offer additional services such as mosquito defense, tree and shrub maintenance, aeration, and more.

At All Turf, we understand that every lawn is different, so we will come to your yard and create a custom lawn care treatment package that is designed specifically for your lawn. There is nothing cookie-cutter about that! We feel confident that you will be happy with your lawn treatment from All Turf Lawn Care.

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The All Turf Lawn Care Promise

We understand the frustrations people have faced when dealing with a “big name” lawn care company. We can ensure that by going with us, your needs will never go unheard. Personalized customer service, care, and communication are our top priority, always. We are here to help, guide, educate, and do everything on our part to help your lawn reach its full potential. All Turf Lawn Care has the services you are looking for, provided at the standard you deserve. Look no further than All Turf for your Atlanta lawn care company!