About Us

All Turf Lawn Care

Our History

How We Started

All Turf Lawn Care was started back in 2005 by father and son, Gary Wilson Sr. and Gary Wilson Jr. Despite its growth and success, All Turf remains a family-owned and operated full-service lawn care company. Together, Gary Sr. and Gary Jr. have over 20 years of lawn care experience and work every day to make sure their clients’ lawns are cared for properly.

Our Service Areas

Metro Atlanta & Beyond







Professional Lawn Care Services

Our Scientific Process

Here at All Turf, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop custom treatment solutions that fit the exact needs of your lawn. To do this, we examine your grass all the way down to the molecular level. By collecting soil samples, we can figure out what nutrients your lawn’s soil is lacking. This allows us to accurately create a blended fertilizer that will work to revitalize your lawn.

We’ll then take stock of all the different types of weeds growing in your yard and concoct a specialty weed-killing solution so that your lawn stays weed-free. With our approach, you’re sure to see excellent results.

The All Turf Direct Contact Difference

At All Turf, we believe in providing a personalized experience for our customers. That’s why when you become an All Turf customer, you’ll know the names and personalities of your lawn care specialists. And when you dial our number, it’s us who answer the phone, not some random person working in a call center.

Each team at All Turf is headed by an area manager who is responsible for keeping an open line of communication between their technicians and their customers. They are in charge of ensuring your satisfaction and handling every aspect of your account (routing, customer service, chemical purchasing, etc.). We don’t have a sales team because each of our area managers is your direct point of contact throughout your time with All Turf.

We are driven to provide the best Lawn Care experience in Metro Atlanta, and we take your business very seriously.

Let us show you the All Turf Difference.

The All Turf Lawn Care Promise

We understand the frustrations people have faced when dealing with a “big name” lawn care company. We can ensure that by going with us, your needs will never go unheard. Personalized customer service, care, and communication are our top priority, always. We are here to help, guide, educate, and do everything on our part to help your lawn reach its full potential. All Turf Lawn Care has the services you are looking for, provided at the standard you deserve. Look no further than All Turf for your Atlant lawn care company!