Growth Regulators for Your Atlanta Lawn

Growth Regulators are the Key to Maintaining a Thicker, Greener Lawn

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What are Growth Regulators?


A beautiful lawn is a source of pride for many homeowners. However, maintaining a lush green lawn requires a lot of work and attention. Plant growth regulators (PGRs), a hidden gem in the lawn care industry, are showing to be the game-changing difference for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns in Atlanta.

Growth regulators change the growing habits of a plant by slowing vertical growth and stimulating lateral growth and root development. Growth regulators were originally developed for the professional turf industry, commonly used on golf courses and other sport-related turf environments to promote denser growth. PGRs have become a valuable tool for homeowners and residential lawns due to their benefits to mowing, thickness, and color.

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Our Growth Regulator Program

Reach Your Lawn’s Full Potential

All Turf is proud to offer the addition of our Plant Growth Regulator Program to our array of lawn care services. Residents of Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas can now enjoy the benefits that come with growth regulators for warm-season lawns. From easier mowing and maintenance to boosting lawn health, color, appearance, and density, it’s a win-win-win. 

Our program includes 5 treatments from May-September, with timely applications roughly 30 days apart. If your lawn looks good, but you want it to look great, PGRs are the answer! Contact us today to add growth regulators to your All Turf Lawn Care service. If you have further questions about using PGRs on your lawn, we’re just one call or text away! 

Frequently Asked Questions

About Plant Growth Regulators

When are PGRs applied?

Our growth regulator program starts in May and through the summer, with 5 total applications, roughly 30 days apart. There are times in which the PGR program may be applied on the same day as your regular lawn care treatment. This is fine but will not always be the case since reapplication of PGR is more time-crucial than other treatments.

Can growth regulators hurt my grass?

No, growth regulators do not hurt your grass as they do not interfere with any vital internal functions of the plant system.

Do growth regulators mean I can mow and water my lawn less?

No, growth regulators do not necessarily mean less mowing. Cultural practices should remain the same, and mowing should follow the traditional ⅓ rule by not cutting more than ⅓ of the grass blade at once. PGR slows growth which will reduce the amount of turf removed each time, thus creating fewer clippings and being an easier process overall. Also, we recommend ensuring that the lawn receives 1-2″ of irrigation and/or rainfall weekly. Growth regulators will enhance the turf’s usage of hydration.

Will growth regulators help kill weeds in my lawn?

Growth regulators do not directly help with weeds. PGR does not have the same effect on broadleaf weeds, but growth regulators improve the turf density which will create a stronger natural barrier against weeds.

Does PGR make my grass greener?

Growth regulators provide many benefits for your lawn, including a boost in color. Lawns that are treated with PGR may see an enhanced green color because it allows the chlorophyll to be compressed into less surface area. As a result, it can intensify the depth of color in the lawn.

Benefits of Growth Regulators

PGRs Promote Thicker Growth in Your Lawn: 

Due to the increased lateral growth, warm-season lawns like Bermuda and Zoysia will become thicker in appearance and may see stronger root development. In the simplest terms, growth regulators thicken a lawn as the grass blades grow out rather than up! 

Enhanced Color for a Deeper, Rich Green: 

Lawns that are treated with growth regulators will have a deeper green color due to the new growth habits. Allowing chlorophyll to be compressed into less surface area can intensify the depth of color in the lawn. 

Improved Efficiency and Resiliency for Your Lawn: 

A lawn receiving growth regulator treatment is better able to manage its hydration and nutrition which will make it more efficient, resilient, and have better recovery abilities. Improving your lawn’s disease resistance is a huge benefit for Atlanta lawns that struggle with common lawn diseases like brown patch, also known as Zoysia patch, and dollar spot fungus. 

More Manageable Lawn Mowing and Maintenance: 

Mowing is a chore in itself! Following the proper schedule and height to prevent mower stress can be a challenge. Because growth regulators slow vertical growth, they can make mowing more manageable. Less turf is removed with each mowing which means fewer clippings are deposited back onto the lawn as well. PGRs can make the entire process of mowing and maintaining your lawn easier!

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