Core Aeration for Your Atlanta Lawn

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What is Core Aeration?

Take Your Lawn to the Next Level

Core Lawn Aeration is a cultural practice to physically improve lawn soil. The process removes 1”-3” soil cores (plugs) that remain on the lawn surface and are reincorporated into the turfgrass profile. This offers a number of benefits for your lawn’s health!

Core aeration is highly recommended service by Professional Agronomist and University Turfgrass Researchers.

Atlanta Lawn Aeration

For Residential and Commercial Properties

All Turf serves both residential and commercial properties in and around the Atlanta area. Residential property owners have the choice of signing up for our lawn care program, whereas commercial property owners are given a custom package specifically designed for their property’s lawn.

All of our treatments are made from a custom blend of chemicals purchased from brand-name manufacturers like Bayer, Syngenta, and Dow. It is with this approach that All Turf has been able to remain one of Atlanta’s leading lawn care companies. We are constantly improving our services by keeping up with the evolving plant life and developing custom solutions. To receive a free lawn aeration consultation, fill out the contact form below or give us a call at (770) 554-5478.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Lawn Aeration

How often should a lawn be core aerated?

The cultural practice should be performed once a growing season. In agriculture, fields are plowed or tilled annually to improve the soil before planting crops. Turf as a “perennial crop” is limited to the practice of core aeration.

Should the cores that remain on the turf be removed?

No, the soil cores deposited on the lawn surface will naturally break down with mowing and by water. As the soil cores degrade they will distribute soil microorganisms which break down the thatch layer.

Is there any better time of year to have the lawn core aeration?

Core aeration may be performed anytime during the active turf growing season.

Will core aeration result in crabgrass or weeds appearing?

University research has demonstrated that core aeration does not have an impact on seasonally applied pre-emergence products for crabgrass control. The pre-emergence remaining in the soil, not extracted by cores, will provide control. Broadleaf weeds are monitored and controlled during the year with the All Turf services.

What can I do before the core aeration to have the best results?

A watering (or rainfall) prior to the core aeration allows for easier penetration of the coring tines into the soil.

Benefits of Core Aeration

The Boost Your Lawn Needs

  • Hollow cores that are created in the upper soil profile allow for immediate access for water and nutrients into the root zone for plant uptake.
  • Core Aeration is the cultural practice universities recommend to control the thatch layer. Thatch is the accumulation of decaying organic layer comprised of older rhizomes and stolons (modified stems) in the zone between the turf and soil.
  • Hollow cores provide a tunnel to release plant toxic gases that build in the soil. It also allows for the free exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between air and the roots residing in the soil.
  • Lawn soils become compacted over time. Core aeration reduces the effects of compaction by allowing for soil expansion into the space created by the core extraction.

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