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What is Top Dressing?

Top Dressing for Atlanta Lawns

Top dressing, also known as sanding, is a lawn care practice that improves the color and growth of turf grasses. By applying sand to any clay-based soil, you help to improve drainage and stimulate growth. Top dressing also aids in the leveling of small depressions in the lawn that may affect mowing consistency.

Our Top Dressing Mixture

Repair & Restore Your Lawn

All Turf uses a special mixture made up of 50% USGA White Sand and 50% ERTH Food for our top dressing treatments.

USGA White Sand & Erth Food

Top Dressing to Bring Your Atlanta Lawn Back to Life

USGA White Sand

This is the same white sand used to make bunkers on golf courses. We use this type of sand because it is the cleanest and produces the best results. Most other lawn care companies use river sand, which often contains weed ends and diseases.


ERTH Food is an organic fertilizer made from compost that is rich with beneficial nutrients and microorganisms to promote healthy lawn growth. By mixing ERTH Food with the white sand, your lawn gets both a boost in nutrients and the ability to better retain those nutrients. Top dressing also works to:

  • Soften turf
  • Increase natural resistance to disease and pests
  • Provide extra support for tender root systems
  • Eliminate thatch
  • Level small depressions


Our Top Dressing Process

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  1. Cut the grass so that it’s very short (This allows us to see depressions in the lawn as well as allowing the Sand/Erth food mixture to get into the soil.)
  2. Aerate the lawn.
  3. Apply Sand/Erth Food Mix over the lawn with a Professional Topdress machine which distributes the mixture at a rate of .15-.25 inch depth over the lawn.
  4. Drag the sand into the turf with our drag mat and hand fill deep depressions.

For more information on our top dressing service, call us at 770-554-5478 or fill out the contact form below.

**Please note, our Top Dressing availability is limited, and our season for offering this service ranges from Spring to Early Summer.**

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