Atlanta Aeration & Overseeding

All Turf is here to help you replenish your fescue lawn’s health with aeration and overseeding.

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Quality Fescue Seeding

For Your Atlanta Lawn

Looking for help with your Atlanta aerations & overseeding? All Turf Lawn Care is one of the premier turf management specialists in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Founded in 2005 by Gary Wilson and his son Gary Wilson, Jr., All Turf is a family-run business that you can confidently turn to for superior service provided by a team of highly qualified turf management professionals. Our lawn care services are designed to help your grass reach its full potential, ensuring that it is always lush, green, healthy, and not overrun by unsightly weeds. The All Turf team never takes a “cookie-cutter” approach. Rather, we painstakingly examine each lawn and use our findings to develop a fully customized treatment program consisting of carefully timed product applications.

Fescue Lawn Aeration

To Get the Most From Your Overseeding!

At the most basic level, your Georgia lawn needs the right mix of air, water, and nutrients to get the best results! However, as your lawn settles and compacts, it will slow the flow of all of these basic needs. With quality lawn aeration service from All Turf Lawn Care, we will run our core aerator over your lawn, creating 1/4″ to 1/2″ wide “cores” that will free up your lawn and allow it to get everything it needs. It’s that simple!

Atlanta Fescue Overseeding

To Replenish a Thin, Weakened Lawn

Overseeding a fescue lawn each fall season comes along with many benefits! Due to the stress of summer heat for Atlanta Fescue lawns, you may be disappointed in the state of your lawn at this time of year. Cool-season grass types grow through seed heads, meaning seeding is essential to filling in a thin, brittle lawn.

If you’re looking to seed your Atlanta fescue lawn this fall, contact us today for a free estimate. We recommend combining fall overseeding with one of our lawn care programs to get the best results through continued fertilization and weed control on your lawn.

Benefits of Fescue Aeration & Seeding

Your Lawn Will Thank You

  • Recovery: The main benefit of fescue seeding each fall is that it helps your lawn recover quickly after a hot summer. As we hit the hottest part of the year, fescue lawns will go into a state of dormancy before greening up during the fall and winter. Seeding will help promote recovery in stressed areas and enhance color through its peak winter season.
  • Thickness & Bare Spots: Another huge reason for annual fall seeding on your fescue lawn is to repair bare areas. Fescue growth is promoted through new seed heads, so each year, new seed should be added to the existing lawn. Fescue overseeding is an absolute requirement for a thick, lush Georgia fescue lawn.
  • Weed Control: What do weeds need to grow and thrive? Light, space, and water. Lawns that are thin, with bare areas of exposed soil are more vulnerable to weeds. The surface of your lawn acts as a barrier to protect it from weeds. The thicker and healthier your lawn is, the better defense it will have against weeds.
  • Overall Health: Fall seeding is paired with core aeration, which promotes the overall health of your fescue lawn. Aeration is the process of pulling plugs of soil from the lawn, better allowing water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the root systems. Prior to seeding, aeration is performed to give the new seed a place to germinate. Aeration and seeding encourage new growth and deeper root systems for your lawn to thrive.

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