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All Turf is here to help you eradicate weeds, promote grass health, improve lawn thickness and color, control insects, & more.

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Local Lawn Care Service

You Can Trust

All Turf Lawn Care is one of the premier turf management specialists in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Founded in 2005 by Gary Wilson and his son Gary Wilson, Jr., All Turf is a family-run business that you can confidently turn to for superior service provided by a team of highly qualified turf management professionals. Our lawn care services are designed to help your grass reach its full potential, ensuring that it is always lush, green, healthy, and not overrun by unsightly weeds. The All Turf team never takes a “cookie-cutter” approach. Rather, we painstakingly examine each lawn and use our findings to develop a fully customized treatment program consisting of carefully timed product applications.

Serving Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

Four Locally-Operated Locations

We provide high-quality service to homeowners throughout the greater Atlanta area. Since 2005, we’ve become the local company you can trust for your lawn care needs. We pride ourselves in being the difference in the lawn care industry by providing clear and direct lines of communication with your lawn care team. We treat your lawn like it’s our own, and our teams of skilled lawn care technicians provide personalized notes and recommendations about your lawn after each application.

Our basic and monthly lawn care programs entail periodic applications of specially formulated, hand-selected products, accompanied by free service calls as necessary. Our programs are built to enhance and sustain lawn health all year long. With extensive preventative weed control, we tackle weeds before they start. Our fertilization is built to promote rich, green color all summer. The grass is greener when you use All Turf Lawn Care!

Comprehensive Lawn Care Programs

Built to Promote Lawn Health

  • Eradicate weeds: A pre-emergent application designed to prevent new weeds from growing is coupled with a post-emergent treatment that eradicates those already existing.
  • Promote grass health: We strictly use fertilizers that are custom-blended for Georgia lawns and the Georgia climate.
  • Balance soil pH: A once-yearly application of limestone will be provided to lower soil acidity and help your lawn use the fertilizer more efficiently.
  • Control insects: Subscribers to our Premium lawn care program receive insect control services that help fight off fire ants and other pesky insects that can damage grass or be a nuisance to people and pets.

Contact All Turf Lawn Care today to schedule a free estimate at your home or business anywhere in the Atlanta, GA, area. With us, you are guaranteed to receive hand-tailored lawn treatments that work from a local company – not a giant chain. Be sure to ask about our other services, which include aeration, overseeding, and mosquito control.

Additional Lawn Care Services

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