Atlanta Bed Weed Control

All Turf is here to help you control weeds in your annual and perennial planting beds.

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Bed Weed Control

For Your Atlanta Landscaping

When you spend time and money on beautiful landscaping for your Atlanta home, you want to see it thrive! Pesky weeds popping in can definitely be a headache and an eyesore. Who wants to spend their Saturday’s hand-pulling and weeding around your ornamentals? All Turf’s Bed Weed Control services can help keep bed areas around your Atlanta lawn clean and free of weeds throughout the year. The same way you protect your lawn from invasive weeds, flowerbeds and landscaping need treatment as well.

Control Weeds in Your Landscaping

With All Turf’s Bed Weed Control Services

All Turf offers a few different options when it comes to weed control for your bed areas. From basic preventative maintenance, to essentially an all-in-one program, we have programs tailored to your needs and more importantly, your budget.

Our Bed Weed Control Programs

Basic Bed Pre-Emergents & Bed Weed Control 

Bed Pre-Emergents Program

You can consider this the basic approach. With our Bed Pre-emergent Program, All Turf will come out two times annually, in spring and fall, to apply preventative weed control in bed areas. Preventing weed germination is the most important step in controlling weeds. While pre-emergents can prevent various kinds of weed, it’s not an end-all solution. You should expect weeds to sprout through the summer but it will limit breakthrough.

This is a cost-effective solution to give your flowerbeds a proper foundation for weed control this season. We’d recommend this program if you have a small amount of bed areas, where personal upkeep is manageable.

Bed Weed Control Program

The best for last. Our Bed Weed Control Program is an 8-application program that includes pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control through hot Atlanta summers. From roughly March-October, All Turf will visit the property providing preventative seasonal weed control and targeted weed control all summer.

This program is the best fit for those needing prevention and continued control. While there is no way to completely irradicate weeds in your beds, added targeted weed control can limit the number of weeds in your beds. 

Benefits of Bed Weed Control

For Beautiful Atlanta Landscapes

Protection for your plants and shrubs is just as important as protection for your lawn. Well-kept landscaping adds curb appeal and value to your home. Invasive weeds in your landscapes take up much-needed water and nutrients from the surrounding plants. Contact us today to see how we can help keep weeds in bed areas under control.

What to Expect

  • With a basic preventative program, you should expect weeds to come through. We provide a barrier but from there, regular upkeep would be required.
  • Weeds in beds can sprout very quickly during the growing season. Hand-pulling will not be 100% eliminated with any weed control product.
  • This program can not target weeds that are touching other ornamental plants. Our top priority while controlling weeds, is the safety of your shrubs and plants from damage.
  • We do not recommend this program or service for natural areas, ground cover, or landscape beds that have a high volume of shrubs and ornamental plants.


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