1. You come out in the fall and winter when the grass is dormant, Why?

We come out in the fall and winter to apply crucial pre-emergent applications to warm-season lawns. These pre-emergent applications are what prevent weeds from taking over your lawn during dormancy and the beginning of spring.

2. Do I have to water my lawn after each application?

No. We do, however, recommend that you water your lawn 24 hours after the application to achieve best results. If you can't water your lawn within 24-48 hours afterwards, don't worry. We always apply slow-release fertilizer during the summer.

3. How often should I cut my lawn during its growing season?

Proper mowing is one of the most important things a homeowner can do to coincide with our applications. If a lawn is not being mowed often enough, many lawn problems can occur and severely limit the effectiveness of our lawn program. We recommend that you cut your lawn once every week during the growing season and never cut off more than a third of the blade.

4. How can I still have weeds pop up sometimes and be on a lawn program?

No lawn is 100% weed free 100% of the time. Even golf courses that are manicured and maintained every day of the year can still battle weed breakouts and turf issues from time to time. All Turf only uses the best pre-emergents that have been time tested to work. If you do have a breakout of weeds, we will spray them as part of your regular program. If they happen to pop up between regularly scheduled applications, we can come out and do a free service call anytime.

5. How often do you come out with your Premium Program and Basic Program?

The Premium Program is a monthly service. We serve our Basic Program customers every 4-7 weeks.


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