5 Easy Landscape Edging Ideas for Your Atlanta Lawn

Nov 15, 2019 | General

When it comes to landscaping, edging is an easy and functional way to spruce up your Atlanta lawn. Landscape edging is not only easy but it comes with many benefits at a low cost. Edging gives your lawn a cleaner look, compliments your flowers and shrubs, and keeps mulch in place all while increasing your curb appeal. However, it’s safe to say the greatest benefit is the added weed control because the borders can act as a barrier for your landscape and prevent weeds and other invasive grasses from intruding on your flower beds. As a result, you save time weeding or trimming, and you have a cleaner mowing line. Along with all the benefits, there are many different styles for lawn edging. 

  1. Wood Landscape Edging:

    This allows you to achieve a more natural style and achieve very straight lines. For a more decorative look, you could use wood fencing or lattice. Wood is commonly used for raised garden beds.

  2. Metal Landscape Edging:

    For a more modern and contemporary style, metal edging is a great idea. Steel panels can be used for a crisp, clean look, or cooper shades can give a rustic feel.  

  3. Plastic Landscape Edging:

    If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive option, you can find plastic, fence-style borders in rolls. Hidden to the eye, it can be placed lower in the ground resulting in a flush divider between your turf and garden. 

  4. Recycled Materials:

    Upcycling is a big trend in gardening and the possibilities are truly endless. As long as it fits the style of the landscape, recycled materials can be a great resource for adding borders to beds or walkways. From terracotta pots to railway ties, there are many options for achieving a unique look.  

  5. Stone, Brick or Concrete Landscape Edging:

    Although it comes with more heavy lifting, stone, brick or concrete edging styles give off a more formal appearance. Additionally, bricks can be placed in a sawtooth or zigzag pattern for a neat effect. 


Though edging can prevent some weeds from creeping into your bedding areas, it won’t keep it weed-free. Chemical treatment is needed for the best weed control results and you can trust the professionals at All Turf Lawn Care for that. Serving homeowners in the greater Atlanta area since 2005, we offer lawn care programs, as well as weed control programs for your bed areas. Give us a call for a free estimate today! 

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