5 Easy Tips for Shrub Care

May 11, 2020 | General, Shrub & Ornamental Care

Having beautiful shrubbery can do more than enhance your Atlanta landscape; It can add value to your property, and a greater sense of pride in your home. Proper shrub care, however, can be somewhat difficult. Where do you even begin manicuring your landscape? Here are 5 easy tips when planning, planting, and caring for your shrubs. 

1. Growth Zone

When choosing which shrubs to place around your home, the most important factor to consider is your growth zone. This is vital to ensuring your shrubs’ survival and care. The first tip would be doing a little research to determine the proper placement to ensure the survival of your shrubs. Each shrub has a varying amount of sunlight it requires, so choosing the proper place for it is the difference between a beautiful, healthy thriving plant to an eyesore. 

2. Planting & Placement

When planting your shrubs, the next easy tip is to plant your shrubs in open areas, away from large trees if possible so that the root system can expand and receive the full amount of nutrients. If planting multiple shrubs, they should be planted far enough apart. It is important the roots can expand and still receive the maximum amount of nutrients. 

3. Fertilization

Newly planted shrubs do not need to be fertilized, but adding compost to the soil will help the soil maintain moisture and deliver nutrients into the root system, easing the stress from replanting. Once the shrub has rooted, the soil can be fertilized lightly. 

4. Pruning

Pruning is a great way to not only care for your shrub but to also enhance its beauty. In removing any dead or crossed branches, you are allowing for new growth. This can be done by hand, or with pruning or hedge shears. Typically pruning is done in the spring, after the first full growing season, however, this can vary depending on the shrub. Certain shrubs require pruning after blooming. If you are unsure about proper pruning for your shrub, it’s best to do some research into the best care for your shrub.

5. Watering

The easiest tip for shrub care is proper watering practices. New shrubs require lots of water and require moist soil until fully rooted. Once fully rooted, they should be watered weekly. Typically 5 to 10 minutes of lower pressure watering is enough as it can absorb deep into the root system. Allowing the shrubs to receive ample water will create stronger roots, which can then extend further down into the soil accessing vital nutrients.

If you are unsure of how to properly care for your shrubs it’s best to hire a professional company to care for them. All Turf offers shrub fertilization programs while also working with Landscapers throughout Atlanta that can offer additional Shrub Care services. Give the professionals at All Turf a call today to learn about our shrub care program

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