5 Essentials for Caring for a Small Lawn

Jun 29, 2020 | General

Sometimes it seems that as neighborhoods get bigger, lawns are getting smaller. More and more homes are being built with smaller lawns. Even sometimes living in the city comes with a smaller lawn and closer neighbors. Adding more landscaping to a lawn can lower the turf area as well. With so many large pieces of lawn care equipment and mowers, what is necessary when caring for a small Atlanta lawn? Here are 5 things to consider if you have a smaller lawn.

Fertilization for a Small Lawn

When caring for smaller lawns, spreaders are still necessary but you may not need a broadcast spreader. A hand spreader can do the trick and they are much smaller pieces of equipment. 

Add Landscaping 

Adding landscaping to smaller lawns can almost make them appear bigger. You can really transform a space with strategic landscaping. Positionally focal points near the ends of the lawn can create an illusion of depth. 


Another perk that comes with a small lawn is the amount of watering you’ll need to do. Sprinklers or irrigation systems can be an unnecessary expense in a small space. Watering could be done by hand to prevent wasting due to over-spray. 


No need for an expensive, riding lawn mower here. Mowing should be fairly quick and easy with less area to cover. You could even find use in a reel mower. They are fairly inexpensive and can be stored on the wall due to their lightweight. 

Smaller Lawns Mean Lower Prices 

The best perks that come along with having a small lawn is less work and less money. If you do decide to hire a company, you won’t be breaking the bank. Most lawn care services are priced based on square footage so you will definitely reap the benefit in pricing when it comes to caring for a small lawn.

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