5 of the Best Trees for Front Yard Landscaping

Nov 20, 2019 | General

When it comes to choosing the right trees for your landscaping, it’s difficult to know where to start! There are so many different varieties of trees and shrubs, each coming with a list of pros and cons. When choosing the best trees for front yard landscaping, you should decide exactly what you are looking for. Are you looking to add curb appeal to your Atlanta home? Are you wanting to add shade to an area of your property? Or are you just looking to dress up your landscape? We’ve compiled a list of 5 trees to consider when making additions to your landscape, all specific to southern lawns. 

1. Crapemyrtle 

For southern lawns and Atlanta homeowners, the crapemyrtle is a common choice due to its heat and drought tolerance. They thrive in full-sun environments and produce beautiful foliage and fall colors. This tree should not be planted in areas of heavy shade as that can hinder its bloom.

2. Japanese Maple 

Also a common favorite, the Japanese Maple is a front runner when it comes to improving your landscape and adding curb appeal. They come in a variety of sizes so you are not limited to placement on the property. While some varieties weep and others are upright, their standout feature is the deep red leaf color during fall. 

3. “Little Volunteer” Tulip Tree 

The smaller version of the Tulip Poplar, the “Little Volunteer” is a popular choice for smaller lawns. These trees cap out at 12 to 15 feet in height and only grow about 6 feet wide. With yellow tulip-like blooms, they add the perfect pop of color to any landscape.  

4. Gingko 

Most can recognize a Gingko tree when you see one due to its distinct color and stunning yellow fall leaves. With a spreading canopy, it is a considered a shade and ornamental tree, serving a purpose while also adding beautiful color to any landscape. 

5. Smoketree

The Smoketree gets its name from it’s smoky pink color from June to August. These trees are not only unique and beautiful to look at, but they are drought tolerant and adaptable to many soils. 

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape but it’s important to know how to care for them and how they can affect your turf. In addition to lawn care programs, All Turf Lawn Care offers basic fertilization for ornamental shrubs! If you have further questions regarding trees for your landscape, we are happy to refer you to an arborist in your area. Contact us today!

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