6 Must-Have Turf Care Tools

Apr 4, 2020 | General, Lawn Care Tips

Having the right tools could mean the difference between having the lawn of your dreams. We all strive to have the best lawn on the street. It seems like there’s a specific tool for everything these days when it comes to maintaining your landscape. When it comes to having that beautiful Atlanta lawn you can be proud of, these are the 6 most important turf care tools you will need. 

1. Good Quality Mower

If you are taking care of the lawn yourself, a good quality mower is going to be a top priority on your list. Mowing at the correct height and frequency can make or break the lawn. Make sure to keep your mower blades sharp for the best quality cut. 

2. Sprinklers

Making sure your lawn receives an adequate amount of water is also high in importance. Everything you’re doing right can go to waste if your lawn is suffering from drought stress. It’s even better for you if you can set up an irrigation system with scheduling or timers. It’s recommended to water early in the morning to allow enough sunlight hours and prevent standing water overnight. 

3. Spreader

Having a fertilizer or seed spreader is a must in turf care. Providing nutrients on the lawn will improve the color and overall health. If you have a large lawn, it would be impossible to spread fertilizer by hand and do a quality job. Broadcast spreaders will evenly spread granular applications across the lawn, which means less work for you. 

4. Rake or Blower

You should always have a rake or blower handy. As the seasons change, leaves and other debris can litter your lawn. It’s important to keep the lawn clear from things that block air, water, sunlight or other nutrients from working their way into the soil. 

5. Hand Trowel or Hand Weeder 

A hand trowel resembles a small shovel and can be used for many different things. If you are adding plants to the garden or looking to hand pull some weeds, a hand trowel will help you get down to the root systems. 

6. Aerator 

More commonly, aerators are a rented machine but a must-have tool nonetheless. Aeration is so important to the health and density of a lawn. Warm-season turf should be aerated every spring. Whether you rent a large machine or try the hand aerator route, you will be glad you did. Aeration allows the lawn to “breathe” before the busy season starts. 

The list could continue but this is definitely a great start. Don’t let shopping for tools overwhelm you, though. If you decide to hire a professional for your lawn care needs, contact us at All Turf Lawn Care. Our monthly lawn care programs take care of all the fertilization, weed control and fungus control your lawn will need all year. Keep up with your mowing and watering and you will have the Atlanta lawn you’ve always dreamed of!

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