6 Things You Need to Know to Care for Your Sod Grass

Feb 3, 2020 | General, Lawn Care Tips

When it comes to caring for your new lawn, knowing what to expect on a newly sodded lawn will make the process much smoother. New sod is an expensive investment and must receive proper care in the beginning stages to result in a successful new lawn. New sod can be compared to a newborn baby, as it needs delicate care and proper nutrients in the beginning stages. These 6 tips will help make your journey with new sod much easier on you and your wallet in the long run! 


Hold off on mowing your new sod until it about 14 days after installation and cut back on water slightly before the first cut to firm up the soil. If your sod is laid in wintertime, the wait time for the first mow will be longer. Remember, you should never cut off more than ⅓ of the grass blade.  

Weed Control 

Weed control can not be applied to new sod until the root systems are fully established. This time can vary depending on what time of year the sod was installed. If the pre-emergent period is missed, it’s safe to say you should expect abundant weeds in the first season. Be patient with weed control in the first season of new sod. It will seem like an uphill battle at first. Just keep up with proper mowing and watering and you will see the best results after a full round of pre-emergents. 


Watering your new sod is one of the most important care factors of all. Water is the life source for your new sod and must be done on a regular schedule. As the sod is established, your watering schedule will change accordingly. It is recommended to have irrigation installed where timers can be added for proper early-morning watering. 


Right after watering on your list of priorities should be proper fertilization. With new sod being so vulnerable, its crucial to make sure it’s receiving all the proper nutrients. Make sure to use starter fertilizers that are rich in potassium and phosphorous. 

Light Traffic 

It is recommended to keep off the new sod until after the first mow. The root systems are still establishing so traffic on the lawn should be minimal to none. 


The rooting ability of your new sod can vary depending on the season of install. During the peak growing season, new sod can be established as early as 4-6 weeks but if your lawn was installed during winter, you could be looking at double that time. You can check if the sod is rooted but lightly tugging on the grass. Rooted grass will not pull up.

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