Athens, Georgia Lawn Care Services. What’s Included?

Mar 13, 2016 | General

We customize our Lawn Care programs to suit your lawn and your budget. Get a free estimate!

Like many Georgia residents, it’s likely that you have quickly learned that simply investing in landscaping does not get you the beautiful lawn you’re working for. A southern lawn needs regular lawn care treatment to keep it free of weeds while encouraging a beautiful, green color. The competition for a beautiful neighborhood lawn is high in Athens, Georgia – we know and we can help your lawn to be one of the most attractive on the block next season!

All Turf Lawn Care has developed lawn care treatment techniques, administered year round, that will finally help you achieve that lush, healthy lawn. Pairing only the best environmentally friendly lawn products with lawn care expertise, the All Turf team delivers beautiful lawns and superior service every time – we guarantee it.

We Customize our Lawn Care Programs

8 Step Basic Lawn Care

All Turf’s licensed and experienced lawn care technicians modify each treatment based on the unique strengths and weaknesses of your lawn. Your technician will treat your lawn at key points throughout the year to promote lawn optimum health. No contract necessary.

12 Step Premium Lawn Care

All Turf’s premium lawn care program gives you an extra edge on other lawn care treatment programs. This program offers your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive, as well as extra attention and care. This year-round treatment is sure to impress. No contract necessary, we’ll continue treating your lawn all year round.

Additional Lawn Care Maintenance

Weed Control

We fight existing weeds as well as pre-emergent weeds. Additionally, we monitor your lawn to ensure that any already germinated weeds don’t find their way back into your lawn and garden.


Beautiful color development, thickness, and overall health are reliant on the nutrients your lawn receives. All Turf’s fertilization treatments provide your lawn with everything it needs for stunning appearance and health.

Top Dressing and Sanding

All Turf’s top dressing mix, Erth Foods, will help give your lawn that golf course look. Our products help your lawn retain moisture, fend diseases and pests while aiding in proper drainage.

Lawn Disease Control

Although lawn disease is common for Georgia lawns due to the subtropical climate, it can be avoided through proper lawn disease control treatments. All Turf technicians identify lawn disease threats in your lawn and take steps to prevent the disease from taking over your yard.

Core Aeration and Seeding

We recommend that a lawn be aerated once per year; certain grasses benefit from overseeding as well to replace seasonal turf loss caused by drought, disease, heat and other lawn stressors.

Ornamental and Shrub Program

We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management as well as fertilization and other integral tree and shrub treatments. Protect your investment with All Turf Lawn Care.

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