Fall Lawn Care Basics

Mar 6, 2017 | Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care is a year-round responsibility in a place like Atlanta, Georgia, that generally experiences only mild winter temperatures. As the summer draws to a close, for example, it is vitally important to begin thinking about how you will care for your grass in the fall. The primary goal of any fall lawn maintenance plan in this part of the country is to lay the proper groundwork for a healthy, beautiful green lawn come spring.

3 Tips to Fall Lawn Care in Atlanta

  • Aerate: Aerating your lawn will relieve any soil compaction that has occurred and make it easier for your grass to absorb much-needed water, air, and fertilizer.
  • Feed: Fall is the ideal time to nourish your grass with fertilizer. In the wake of all the summer heat and humidity, your grass could use a nutritional “shot in the arm” to help it maintain a healthy root system. Generally speaking, it is best to have your soil tested by a professional lawn care company to see what chemical formulations are necessary.
  • Seed: Bare patches are best addressed by fall seeding. Why? Because the still-warm soil is good for seed germination, and there will be less competition from weeds that might otherwise crowd the seedlings out.

Another good fall lawn care tip is to blow or rake away leaves as often as you practically can. Though colorful autumn leaves might look attractive and be fun for the kids to play in, they actually block out light and trap in moisture, both of which can inhibit lawn health.

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