Best Spring Lawn Treatment Tips From Our Experts

Jan 27, 2020 | General, Lawn Care Tips

Spring lawn treatment is the most important time of the year for lawns in the greater Atlanta area. Spring is the beginning of peak growing season for warm-season turfgrasses found in the south. When getting ready for Spring and Summer, you want to be prepared. Following a few simple tips and tricks will ensure you have a successful growing season.  

Weed Prevention

The most important factor of spring lawn treatment is through weed prevention, meaning pre-emergents are applied. During fall and winter, a seasonal pre-emergent is applied to prevent poa annua. Poa Annua is a bright green weed that can litter a dormant lawn through early spring. During spring, a seasonal pre-emergent is applied to prevent crabgrass, a thick bunching weed that is more difficult than most to kill off post-emergently. Pre-emergence can be the one thing standing in the way between you a clean lawn through summer, and should never be missed. 

Spring Aeration

As spring rolls around and lawns begin to come out of dormancy, it’s time to complete spring aeration. Lawn Aeration is a perforating of the soil, by poking holes throughout the turf. These holes or “plugs,” allow nutrients, water, and oxygen to make their way into the root systems. Aeration should be done every spring to alleviate compaction and other wear and tear that builds upon the lawn over time. Before aeration, you should thoroughly water the lawn so the soil is moist and you will see the best results from the cores that are removed. 

Lawn Fertilization

Following aeration, it’s time to feed the lawn. Providing your lawn with a nutrient-rich spring fertilizer will boost the lawn into its peak season and better assist it with coming out of its dormant state. A good spring fertilizer will have higher nitrogen to help boost its color and start the season on a high note. 

Mowing & Watering

As always, mowing and watering are the keys to putting this whole puzzle together. You won’t have a successful lawn without following all of these tips. Remember to always follow the “⅓ Rule” when mowing. For best results, mow every 7-10 days. Watering should be done earlier in the morning and is recommended to provide at least 1 inch of water per week.  


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