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Mar 13, 2016 | General

Our customized programs will give your lawn a beautiful look and feel; contact us for a free lawn estimate and consultation.

Year-round lawn care and maintenance gives your lawn the opportunity to look its best. You can even get a custom lawn care program close to home, All Turf Lawn Care offers exceptional lawn care services in Dacula, Georgia. We have a variety of services and products to get your lawn stronger and healthier.

Because All Turf is a locally owned and operated company we can customize a lawn care program that is just for you. With over 20 years of industry experience and licensed technicians to serve you, your lawn will look its best in no time.

Lawn Care Programs in Dacula, GA

8 Step Basic Lawn Care

Our basic lawn care program was designed to apply treatment to your lawn throughout the year; this option covers all of your weed control, fertilization and gives your lawn basic lawn nutrients it needs.

12 Step Premium Lawn Care

Our premium program includes additional weed control and fertilization applications. Along with treating your lawn with nutrients, this program also treats your yard for fire ants in order to get your lawn more beautiful than ever and ready for summertime play.

Other Lawn Care Maintenance

Weed Control

We are experts in the eradication of stubborn weeds and unwanted grass species. Our weed control program encompasses a minimum of 7 applications per year along with year-round monitoring of pre/post-emergent weeds.


Beautiful color and growth; fewer insects and weeds; thick grass; resistance to drought and disease – these are all characteristics of a healthy, well-fertilized lawn. Our fertilization products consist of only the highest quality ingredients, including our line of organic fertilizer.

Top Dressing and Sanding

Topdressing, also known as sanding, helps improve the growth and the color of turf by improving drainage and nutrient retention, acting as a soil medium for Georgia’s clay-based soil and more!

Lawn Disease Control

Lawn disease enters your yard and begins causing harm almost as silently as weeds do. Fungi and lawn diseases can be treated and prevented through proper assessment and application of the correct lawn products.

Core Aeration and Seeding

Aeration is the process of removing tiny cores of turf and soil from your lawn in order to create a pathway for air and water to the root system of your grass. Coupling this with seeding helps your yard to replenish grass lost from the natural elements throughout the seasons as well as to help your lawn breathe more efficiently.

Ornamental and Shrub Program

Ornamental shrubs and trees are a great aesthetic investment to your lawn; All Turf believes you should protect that investment from disease, pests, and other harmful elements. Through our Ornamental Program, you will see healthier yields and prevent pests from making your ornamental’s their home.

Take your first step toward a healthy lawn and contact our technicians to start your custom lawn care program with a free consultation and estimate.

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