Feeding Your Lawn

May 14, 2015 | Fertilization, Lawn Care Tips

All Turf Lawn Care has been providing advice about Atlanta area lawn treatments and lawn care for over 20 years now. One major point of advice we like to offer is about how and when to properly ‘feed’ your lawn.

Lawn Supplements

Before we begin, it is important to understand that feeding grass is not simply giving it water. When we talk about feeding, we mean giving your yard extra lawn supplements packed with nutrition; like how people may take vitamin supplements for extra benefits.

What is your yard hungry for?

If you are planning on feeding your yard yourself, be careful of buying generalized supplements. To maximize the efficiency of the lawn treatment you are preparing to do, it is a great idea to buy an at-home soil pH test kit with NPK test (sometimes included in the kit). The pH kit will help you determine exactly what nutrients your soil is lacking, and the NPK test will measure the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium levels in your soil. All of these are good to know in order to help you determine what type of lawn supplements you need, and how much of them to use on your yard.


When you go to purchase your lawn fertilizer (after having already completed your yard testing), take a look at the label. Three numbers should be listed on the front or back of the fertilizer, like 20-5-15 or 20-10-10 (see image below). These numbers represent the nitrogen [N], phosphorous [P], and potassium [K] ratio that is in the fertilizer mix. Choose according to what your yard is hungry for (refer to your test).

turf nutrients

*Tip: Fertilizers can come in granule and liquids forms; while both will help a starving lawn, granule fertilizers that are listed as ‘slow-release’ may do more for your lawn in the long run than liquids.

Times to Feed Your Lawn

The following are simply suggestions, not hard-line rules, for when to feed your lawn.

  • April
  • Mid-May – June
  • Mid-July – August
  • Mid-September – October

We hope this information will help you get your lawn healthier this spring/summer. However, if you’re having second thoughts about doing lawn treatments or lawn maintenance yourself, please call All Turf Lawn Care. Our experienced lawn care technicians will be happy to help make your lawn the ideal green space you have been dreaming of!

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