Georgia Lawn Care Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

May 1, 2015 | Lawn Care Tips

Are you already making plans with your family or friends for your first BBQ or outdoor event? Hopefully, you have already scheduled an appointment with All Turf Lawn Care for your residence’s lawn care and maintenance; but if not, no worries! Schedule lawn service anytime, but in the meantime, here are some tips for getting your lawn in shape for your next outdoor event!

Creating an Ideal Green Space for Entertaining

  • Clean it up! The first step to any event (even an outdoor event) is to clean up the area. Remove any toys (if you have kids) or random items laying about the yard and put them in their proper place.
  • Regularly water and mow your lawn. Give your yard the chance to be at its best by helping it every step of the way. Research the proper mowing height for your type of grass/turf and how often it should be watered. Then be sure your lawn equipment is up to parr (sharp mower blades, etc.) and that you do not overwater the grass (a very common issue). Confused about what type of grass you have? One of our friendly All Turf experts will be able to help figure it out!
  • Remove all debris. Try to keep sticks, branches, dead leaves, and foliage off of your lawn. Grass clippings can be a bit of trouble too; leaving them on your lawn frequently may cause thatch accumulation, which is bad for the health of your lawn. Also, when it comes to outdoor entertaining, grass clippings on the lawn will end up in your house from all of the foot traffic going in and out of your home.
  • Watch out for uninvited guests a.k.a. unwelcome insects.  Chinch bugs, cutworms, grubs, etc. are all lawn pests that love to eat up and damage your grass. Be on the lookout for them (you’ll notice certain areas of your lawn will start becoming damaged/discolored), but also beware of other pests like fire ants or mosquitoes, who will make your guests miserable. You can combat all of these pests with lawn treatments for insects and with basic yard control, such as removing any standing water for mosquitoes to lay larvae in, and by walking your yard to spot and eradicate tiny anthills before they turn into a huge problem.
  • Fertilizer and lawn care. Having your yard regularly fertilized, along with scheduled lawn care will keep your yard healthy and your soil full of nutrients (a key to keeping your grass growing and keeping weeds away).

Choose All Turf Lawn Care

If you find yourself planning an outdoor wedding, party, or simple get-together for an upcoming month, contact All Turf Lawn Care to help whip your yard into shape! At All Turf, our lawn care professionals will offer you years of knowledgeable expertise concerning weed control, best lawn care practices, and more! Simply pick up the phone to talk with one of our friendly reps or check us out online and request a FREE estimate. We hope your upcoming outdoor event is a success!

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