Getting Kids Involved with Yardwork

Aug 13, 2015 | General

Many of our customers love the work we do when it comes to lawn care and weed control, but when we are not around, they also do their own lawn maintenance. For many of these customers, it is not unusual to have kids around, so we at All Turf Lawn Care thought it may be helpful to offer a few tips for getting your kids involved with yard work.

Get kids involved early on.

Young children often enjoy helping their parents around the house, and the same can be true for yard chores. An easy task to begin your child with can be clearing the yard of random toys laying around and debris like rocks, sticks, etc. If they seem to be taking a while to do this (as many young children move slowly with tasks), make a game of it for who can collect more things fastest, or simply take some time to help and enjoy it!

Make them feel good about outdoor chores.

Be positive during your outdoor tasks to show your kids that it is nothing to dread. Also, try to make your kids feel useful, even if they are too young to really help. Let your little helpers feel like they are helping with their bubble mower or toy rake. Perhaps your family can make a family habit/tradition of lemonade and some playtime in the yard after your outdoor chores.

Allow older kids some control.

Let your older children/preteens drive the riding lawn mower, but hang around to supervise for safety. Older children and teens appreciate the freedom of doing certain tasks on their own, as it instills a certain amount of trust from the parent to the child. Plus it’s great practice for when they move out later on in life!
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