Happy Labor Day!

Aug 31, 2015 | General

All Turf Lawn Care is looking forward to this weekend, along with many others, as it is Labor Day Weekend! 

Labor Day Grilling

Most Americans tend have a great three day holiday when Labor Day weekend rolls around. It is likely many will be using their grills for one last summer ‘get-together’ during this time, so here are some fun tips from All Turf for grilling crowd-pleasing kebabs!

Shopping List

After deciding what kind of kebabs you would like to grill, take a trip to the store to get your fresh ingredients. Depending on the type of meat you choose, will depend on the cut you need from the butcher. Also, invest in some good stainless steel skewers if you plan to make more kebabs in the future. If not, bamboo skewers work too!

For some excellent in-depth tips about grilling kebabs, check out this fantastic infographic from fix.com below:

We hope these grilling tips help make your outdoor weekend gathering very tasty and enjoyable! From everyone at All Turf Lawn Care, “Happy Labor Day!” Please remember to be safe and do not forget to contact us to schedule your fall lawn care. Have fun!

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