How to Apply Lawn Fertilizer and When to Fertilize

Jan 6, 2020 | General, Fertilization

Homeowners all share a common goal to strive for the best lawn in the neighborhood. While there is much that goes into it, an essential key to having that lush, green Atlanta lawn all the neighbors will envy, is through fertilization. But how do you know the proper way to fertilize your lawn and how often should you do it? It’s important to educate yourself on the “How and When” to fertilizing your lawn to make sure you helping it and not hurting it. 

How to Apply Fertilizer to Your Atlanta Lawn 

Lawn fertilizer can be applied in two different ways: by hand or by spreader. A spreader is recommended for an even fertilizer application. Hand-spreading can be used for smaller lawns but there is a higher chance of burning your lawn and seeing uneven color after the application. The best method for applying fertilizer is with a broadcast spreader. You should always follow the label on the bag to determine the correct rate your fertilizer should be applied and how often it should be used.    

When to Fertilize 

Lawn fertilizer should be applied through the season depending on the grass type and weather in your area. Here in Atlanta, Bermuda and zoysia are the most common warm-season grass types. It is recommended to apply fertilizer every 4-6 weeks from March to October, paired with adequate watering and mowing. Fertilization is key to a lush, green lawn, but should always be watered into the lawn for the best results. 

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