How to Care for Your New Lawn: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Dec 27, 2019 | General

Imagine you’ve just purchased your dream home and you are officially all settled in. Being a new homeowner can be stressful with everything there is to do. One thing that can fall to the wayside is regular lawn care. While it may seem daunting at first, taking care of your new Atlanta lawn can be a breeze if you educate yourself on lawn care tips and tricks. 

Know Your Grass Type 

Different grass types should be cared for differently. Bermuda and Zoysia are common warm-season turf grasses here in Atlanta. These grasses prefer more sun and go dormant during the winter months. The peak growing season is from March to October and should be aerated each spring. Fescue is a common cool-season grass type. Most commonly found in lawns with more trees, it is a highly shade-tolerant grass. Fescue struggles during summer in the Atlanta heat but should be overseeded each fall to replenish its density. The peak growing season is through the cooler months from Fall to Spring. 

Maintaining Your Lawn 

Following the right maintenance tips is the most important part of getting a lawn all the neighbors will envy. Proper mowing, watering, and fertilization will result in a lush, green grass all summer long. With warm-season grasses, fertilizer and weed control is applied through the peak growing season and should be mowed every 7-10 days. When mowing your lawn, you should never cut more than one-third of the blade height to prevent stress on the turf. Watering is recommended in the early morning hours to prevent any standing water at night, which can encourage fungus in your lawn. 

How to Care for New Sod 

If you have new sod at your home, it should be cared for very carefully. New sod is quite the investment and can be difficult during the first season. While sod is still rooting, weed control can not be applied, as it can damage the juvenile grass. Once rooted, weed control can be applied, but the first season of weeds in new sod is rough if the pre-emergent season was missed. Be patient and continue proper mowing through the first season and you will see a world of difference after applying preventative weed control in the following season. 

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