How to Fix a Lawn Full of Weeds

Jun 8, 2020 | Weed Control

Here in the greater Atlanta area, having a green and weed-free lawn is the goal for many. While managing and maintaining your lawn through summer, weed control is a feat in itself. With so many common summer weeds, knowing how to combat each one is the key to having the best looking lawn on your street. Here’s a step by step plan on how to fix a lawn full of weeds. 

Step 1: Preventative Weed Control

First and foremost, pre-emergents are the most important part of weed-control. Pre-emergents are preventative weed control, applied to your lawn seasonally. They prevent weeds from germinating deep below the soil. Missing these crucial applications will guarantee summer weed control will be an uphill battle. During fall and winter, pre-emergents are applied to prevent common winter annual weeds like poa annua or henbit. These weeds start to sprout bright green in early spring and will stick out like a sore thumb in a dormant lawn. 

Step 2: Controlling Summer Weeds

While pre-emergents can not prevent all weeds from breaking through, some weeds are not preventable at all. Nutsedge is a common and fast-growing summer weed that can not be prevented. It’s crucial to spot treat weeds through spring and summer to keep the lawn clean. Additionally, some weed seeds can spread from other properties. Poa annua and pigweed are common airborne weeds and will need to be targeted if they invade your lawn. If you are using a company and your neighbor is not, check what referral programs are offered. Signing up your neighbor for lawn care will not only help you but can save you money as well. 

Step 3: Lawn Mowing & Maintenance 

Sometimes, weed control can be successfully managed through regular maintenance. Proper mowing and annual aeration will improve the density of your lawn. A thicker, dense lawn can almost act as a barrier for weeds breaking through the surface. A thinner, weak lawn is more likely to be riddled with weeds due to the weak barrier and root systems. Regular mowing and watering will help keep your lawn in good shape and keep weeds at bay. 

There’s No Quick Fix

When trying to fix a lawn full of weeds, patience is key. If you are past the point of preventative weed control, Summer may be an uphill battle. There are many different kinds of weeds that spread in different ways. It’s important to know what weeds you are dealing with, how to treat them, and following the label is crucial. Some grass types can also be sensitive to certain herbicides so it’s important to educate yourself. Following these steps season after season will result in a healthier, easier to maintain lawn year after year!

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