How to Protect Your Lawn from Doggy Damage

Oct 27, 2014 | Lawn Care Tips

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Don’t get us wrong. We love our dogs (especially our own spokesdog). But as much as we love them and spoil them, they can wreak total havoc on your lawn and its overall health. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your lawn stays healthy and strong and your dog stays happy too!

Identifying Dog Lawn Damage

Identifying your dog’s damage: Damage caused by doggy digging can be easy to spot and treat, however, the brown spots caused by urination can be more difficult to detect.  If you notice brown, dead spots on your lawn that is surrounded by dark green grass– it’s probably due to your dog’s urine. Dog urine has chemical qualities that can turn your lawn from lush and green to brown if it becomes a favorite spot for them to go.

Treating Dog Lawn Damage

If the damage to your lawn is mostly being caused by digging, the best option may be to consult with a dog trainer. Other options include spending more time on walks and/ or giving them more toys to play with when they are outside. Regular fertilization, treatment, and cutting of your lawn can help protect it from further damage and keep it from getting worse. Your lawn should be treated four times a year annually. If the damage is really bad, laying down new sod is an option too.

Tip: If your canine needs a little direction in where he should go. Try directing him to an area covered in the mulch. Give him or her a treat each time he goes in that spot to help make it a favorite and, hopefully, prevent further damage to your lawn.

The best way to keep you, your lawn, and your pooch happy is to have the healthiest lawn possible! For more information on how to dog damage prevention tips and information about our professional lawn care service, contact us here.


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