Is Professional Lawn Care Worth It? Pros & Cons

Jan 13, 2020 | General

There can be quite a few factors to consider when deciding if a professional lawn care service is worth your investment. Factors such as cost, time and resources play a big role in making a choice to hire a pro or take the DIY approach on your Atlanta lawn. What chemical is applied during what time of year and for what conditions? If you’re wanting to take on this endeavor then there are a few different things to consider. 


It can be a shock at just how high the cost of caring for your lawn, especially professional-grade care can be. The price of maintenance equipment, chemicals, and other curative treatments. This could be a pro or a con, depending on how you see it. One positive to professional lawn care (especially all-inclusive programs) is they take on all of these costs for you, leaving you with one singular bill. A con is that with a singular bill, it will more than likely be higher than one would expect. 


Another factor to consider is time. Depending on the size of your lawn, caring for it could be quite time-consuming. During the growing season, it’s recommended that the lawn be mowed every 7-10 days. Pre and post emergents and fertilizers need to be applied every 21 days in order to keep weeds at bay. All of these factors that maintaining a beautiful lawn can quickly consume your time. 


One of, if not the biggest factor to consider is treatments. Each treatment targets a specific condition and has specific instructions as to how and when it is supposed to be applied. Following proper lawn care guidelines are completely imperative for the efficiency of the application. Certain pre and post emergents can begin in the upwards of +$100 per gallon, and depending on the size of your lawn, this can be a hefty bill to pick up. One of the pros of having a professional lawn care service is not only will they handle all the treatments and applications for you, but their training also helps spot any potential diseases or complications with your lawn before they arise. Specialized treatments to correct these issues, such as fungicides or fire ant control can also be expensive in price. 


The final, and one may say the biggest con is that it’s hard to find a professional to care for the lawn that you trust, especially one with the healthcare of your lawn in mind. Finding one who’s reputable, reliable and honest can be a task. So what do you do? Hire the pros at All Turf! Our trained technicians are able to not only identify and treat target conditions but also prevent them before they arise. We work with a large network of landscapers offering additional maintenance services to not only give you a beautiful lawn but one that’s also healthy from the inside out. Give us a call today for your free estimate on our lawn care programs!


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