Is Your Yard Fall Ready?

Aug 24, 2015 | General, Lawn Care Tips

Summer is coming to an end, which means it is time to call your lawn care experts at All Turf Lawn Care for some fall lawn care services! However, before the summer is completely gone, here are a few summer lawn tips you can do yourself to prepare your yard for the fall.

What You Can Do to Prep for Fall

  • Continue to water your lawn with a good frequency, even as fall weather begins to roll in.
  • Keep mowing your lawn regularly; even though summer is winding down, you still have a few months of mowing left until your last mows for winter. (You can slowly start to lower your mower blades, but never more than ⅓ off the top. Your last cuts before winter will be the lowest you should go.)
  • Do a summer yard clean up. While this is something you should do year-round, as objects covering grass can be harmful to the grass itself (& you and your lawnmower); go ahead and put away your children’s summer toys, tools, random debris and start raking leaves if they have begun to fall in your yard.

How All Turf Lawn Care Can Help You Prep for Fall

  • Weed Control– As we have mentioned before, there are several weeds that can take over your lawn during the wintertime. This is why it is important to prep your lawn during the fall and eradicate weed threats before they become an issue in winter.
  • Core Aeration– If you only aerate once a year, many lawn care experts argue that fall is one of the best seasons to do it. Aeration of lawns allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to more easily reach the roots of the grass in your yard. A strong and stable root system greatly improves the chances of your lawn to survive the winter and come out in good shape next spring.
  • Fertilizer Application– Following aeration should always be a good fertilizer application. It is not unusual for homeowners to aerate and fertilize in the early fall, and then fertilize a second time just before winter. Be sure to use slow-release fertilizer for longer-lasting results.
  • Lawn Repair– Go ahead and take care of damaged or dead lawn patches at this time too, instead of waiting until spring. All Turf offers grass seeding, so if you are unsure of what to do, let our lawn care experts handle it!

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