Keep America Beautiful Month

Apr 2, 2015 | General

April has arrived! Can you believe it? Besides bringing showers, April is also bringing us Keep America Beautiful Month! At All Turf Lawn Care we pretty much maintain this motto all throughout the year, because we know how important your lawn is to you!

America the Beautiful

Do you have any lawn care plans for beautifying your green space this April for Keep America Beautiful Month? If not, here are two suggestions:

  • Plant Native Plants: Whether you are looking to add plants to your backyard or a public/commercial green space, consider planting only native plants and flowers. These plants generally thrive with less maintenance and cost less in dollars and local resources. Plus, they are great for the area’s natural eco-system!
  • Pet Gifts: If you are a pet owner, especially a dog owner, you know that animals can fill a yard with plenty “gifts” if you don’t pick up after them. Animal waste can be bad for more than you think; did you know that it accounts for about 25 percent of the bacteria in our water? Most of that bacteria comes from pet waste that is washed down storm drains during rain.

All Turf Lawn Care Specials

To help you get started for Spring and for Keep America Beautiful Month, we have some great specials just for you!

  • $50 Off one of our Lawn Care Programs!
  • $20 Off your Spring Core Aeration!
  • Referral Discount Program – $25 Off
  • Free Treatment Estimate!

All Turf Lawn Care understands proper lawn care, that’s why we offer our customers so many excellent services, like weed control, core aeration and more! We pride ourselves on consistently offering deals and specials on our services in order to make keeping a beautiful lawn more affordable.

Questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact All Turf today at 770-554-5478.

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