Do I Need Lawn Aeration Service in Atlanta Georgia?

Feb 3, 2017 | Aeration & Seeding, General

Lawn Aeration Service Atlanta GA, aerations in atlanta, atlanta aerationIf you are new to the Atlanta, Georgia area or just find yourself in a new home you might begin thinking about your lawn. What can you do to make sure your lawn survives the Georgia heat? How do you keep a lawn green and healthy during those key outdoor months? If you find yourself in need of a lawn aeration service and you live either in or near Atlanta, Georgia, then be sure to turn to the highly experienced turf care professionals at All Turf Lawn Care.  One service that we provide – aeration – is a particularly important turf management practice. Lawn aeration is a process during which a specialized machine perforates the soil with thousands of tiny cylindrical holes. The primary goal of aerating a lawn is to alleviate soil compaction, a common situation that can make it next to impossible for grass to thrive.

Lawn Aerations in Atlanta

Lawn aeration service is designed to ensure the proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients in the soil. Though not all lawns must be aerated every year, we generally recommend it for most lawns as it can improve the effectiveness of other periodic treatments, such as fertilizer. Your lawn is likely a good candidate for aeration if it:

  • Heavy Use/Traffic
  • Dries out easily
  • Doesn’t drain correctly
  • Has a bad thatch problem (more than one-half inch deep)
  • Exhibits bare patches or other irregularities

Preparing for Lawn Aeration

Warm-season grasses are aerated in Spring. With Bermuda and Zoysia lawns approaching peak growing seasons, Aeration is done from March through May. Before your lawn is aerated, make sure to cut it low. This allows the machine to pull deeper plugs from the soil. The most important note to remember is to water in the lawn. By watering the lawn prior to aeration, the soil is moistened. This best allows the machine to penetrate the soil. After aeration, fertilization is applied and the lawn should be watered again.

Contact All Turf Lawn Care today if you live in the Atlanta, GA, area and wish to take advantage of our lawn aeration service. Founded in 2005 by Gary Wilson and his son Gary, Jr., All Turf Lawn is a local, family-run business staffed by individuals who know exactly what it takes to help your lawn reach its full potential. We will also be pleased to tell you about the many other lawn care services that we offer, including our two year-round turf management programs.


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