Lawn Care: Breaking It Down

Mar 5, 2015 | Lawn Care Tips

We are certain that All Turf Lawn Care is the number one lawn service for your Alpharetta home or business! With over 20 years of experience, our professional lawn care experts know exactly how to handle and remedy any lawn issues you may have.

At All Turf Lawn Care, customer education is just as important to us as helping with your lawn care and maintenance. We’ve decided to take a moment and reach out to any new homeowners (or new ‘yard-owners’) and define some of the basic lawn care terms you need to become familiar with to help you better take care of your new yard.

defining termsBasic Lawn Care Terminology

  • Aeration: Is the process of making holes (or taking out plugs) in your lawn’s soil to alleviate soil compaction and increase oxygen, nutrients, and water flow into the ground. It is good to do either spring or fall aeration; generally, once a year is good.
  • Fertilizer: We’re sure you’ve heard of this one! Fertilizer is made of Inorganic or organic compounds that stimulate plant growth by providing essential nutrients.
  • Mulch: Any material that is applied to soil to protect against weeds and help in the retention of water is considered “mulch.” Types of mulch include leaves, yard debris, and other organic items; these are most often placed around trees and shrubs making ‘islands.’
  • pH level: Soil health is important to your overall lawn. A pH neutral value of 7.0 indicates a balance of the alkalinity or acidity in the soil. This is ideal for your lawn and plants. You can raise soil pH with the addition of lime and lower it with sulfur. Also, Georgia has a local UGA extension that specifically researches turf and soil, so they are a great resource to contact if you have questions about the pH of your soil.
  • Sowing: Is the spreading and planting of grass seeds over an area of yard already grown or just being started. When grass is thick, it deters weeds from cropping up, as weeds do not like to compete with other plants for water and nutrients.
  • Thatch: Is a layer of dead grass that may be harmful to your lawn if it gets too thick. You can manage thatch with the processes of core aeration and soil enrichment.

While these are just a few basic terms for dealing with lawns, All Turf Lawn Care is happy to help you learn more about keeping your lawn beautiful. Contact us today for more information about our lawn care services or if you would simply like a FREE estimate!

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