Lawn Care Prepping for Spring

Feb 26, 2015 | Lawn Care Tips

Serving customers inside and outside of the metro Atlanta area,  All Turf Lawn Care is always happy to fulfill our customer’s lawn care and lawn maintenance needs. With springtime soon approaching, now is the time to begin getting your lawn back into shape so you can enjoy it when the warm weather arrives! Here are some tips to help you make this winter to spring lawn transition.

4 Spring-Prepping Tips:

  • To begin with, do a check of all of your lawn equipment. Does your lawnmower need a new blade? Did you break your rake last summer and forget to replace it? Making sure your lawn equipment is accounted for and running properly will save you time when spring arrives.
  • Walk your yard to see what the winter damage is. If you simply have twigs, leaves, and other debris messing up your green space, go ahead and clean it all up.
  • Mow your grass down to a short level and add some fertilizer. However, be sure the temperature has increased to at least 60 degrees, so the ground is not too hard or even frozen. This is also a good time for lawn aeration, of course, all of these steps can be handled quickly by a lawn care expert like those at All Turf Lawn Care.
  • Have someone such as a college extension, garden center, or lawn care company check your soil’s pH level. If your soil has an issue, chances are the rest of your yard will eventually too.

We hope these four spring prepping tips help to get you started with your post-winter lawn care. Feel free to contact All Turf Lawn Care with questions or concerns about spring lawn care. Of course, we’d love to be your professional lawn care experts this spring. We specialize in Top Dressing and Sanding, Weed Control, Ornamental Shrub Maintenance, Lawn Disease Control, Core Aeration, and Seeding, and Fertilization. If you want a lush green lawn this year, give All Turf Lawn Care a try and we are certain you will be happy with the results!lawn care atlanta, all turf lawn care, lawn care in atlanta ga

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