Lawn Pests Thriving in Georgia

May 8, 2015 | Insects & Pests

All Turf Lawn Care has been digging into lawn care since 1993. Our All Turf technicians undergo ongoing training and hold unique knowledge of lawn care treatment best practices, with multiple Georgia Department of Agriculture Certified Category 24 license holders. Aside from turf and plant knowledge, our technicians also have learned a great deal about lawn pests in Georgia over the years. We would like to share some of this knowledge with you, our wonderful customers (and potential customers!), so you’ll be more informed about the lawn pests that may be thriving in your yard.

Georgia Lawn Pests


Photo by University of Georgia Archive, University of Georgia,

The following are some lesser-known lawn pests that may be damaging your turf or grass:

  • Mole Crickets (Gryllotalpidae): These bugs are ‘soil dwellers,’ which can make them difficult to get rid of. In Georgia, there are three types of mole crickets, but out of the three, the tawny mole cricket is the pest to watch out for as it loves to eat turf and pasture grasses. Treatments for these pests are most effective in June when their eggs have just hatched.


  • White Grubs (Scarabaeidae): A variety of grubs, the larvae of 20 types of beetles found in Georgia, can damage plants and turf. White grubs specifically come from Scarab Beetles and are harmful pests that feed on the root systems of deciduous plants, grasses, ornamentals trees and shrubs, shade trees, and fruit trees. The best time to get rid of white grubs is in August.


  • Chinch Bugs (Blissus leucopterus): Although their favorite meal is St. Augustine grass, chinch bugs are a major pest for many yards in Georgia. Lawns will appear to have irregular yet circular dead or yellowing and browning areas. These pests are like ‘grass vampires’ because they suck the juices out of the grass. Call All Turf to help you get rid of these nasty pests!


Call in the Experts

While all of these pests can be dealt with on your own, it’s always good to have an expert in your corner! All Turf customers are guaranteed to always find staff members that are attentive to their needs. Please contact All Turf Lawn Care today and we will work together to create a lawn care treatment plan that will fit yours and your lawn’s needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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