Lawn Watering Tips: Identifying Drought Stress

Jan 9, 2021 | General

Similar to the human body, water is required for your lawn to survive. How often should you water your lawn? How long should you water your lawn? Setting up a watering schedule is the best thing you can do for your lawn to avoid drought stress in Atlanta’s summer heat.

What is Drought Stress?

Drought stress is when your lawn goes prolonged periods without water and starts showing signs of “fatigue”. During the first stage of drought stress, your turfgrass will take on a bluish-gray appearance. Take a walk on your lawn and look for footprints left behind, a key indicator of a dry lawn. When these symptoms are present, your lawn is not getting enough water.

How To Prevent Drought Stress

Most lawns require around 2 inches of water per week. If you are receiving less than 2 inches of rain during the growing season, additional watering is required to prevent drought stress. If drought stress is already present, watering daily is recommended until the color starts returning to normal. Prolonged drought stress can lead to drought damage which is permanent turf decline.

When and How Long to Water Your Lawn

It is best to water early in the morning. The morning has the highest humidity and will allow the turf to use the water before the hot afternoon sun dries it out. It is recommended to water heavily, 30-45 minutes per zone, twice a week. It really depends on the amount of rainfall that week. More rain, less watering needed. Buy a rain gauge from a hardware store so you can monitor the rainfall that week. 

Always Water Your Lawn After Applying Fertilizer

It’s important to remember that your lawn is a living thing, a plant! Plants must have water to stay healthy and thrive. Another key to remember in proper lawn watering is to always water in fertilizers. Most fertilizers are activated with water. They need to work their way into the plant’s root system and avoid sitting at the surface. Don’t be concerned if a light rain follows a fertilizer application. Mother nature is making your job a little easier!

Watering along with proper mowing is crucial to achieving the lawn of your dreams! 

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