Lawn Weed Control: 3 Surefire Strategies

Mar 23, 2020 | General, Weed Control

With so many different kinds of weeds invading your lawn, weed control can be a difficult task. Different weeds sprout at certain times of the year and can be controlled in different ways. There are home remedies for natural weed control or chemical treatments that you can apply yourself. Weeds can even spread in different ways as well. So what is the best way to manage and kill weeds in your lawn? 

Pre-emergent Weed Control 

As we’ve said before, the first and foremost most important strategy to weed control is weed prevention. Pre-emergents should be applied to your lawn seasonal to prevent weeds before they can even germinate below the soil. In doing so, you’re taking care of half the battle with weed control. Not all weeds can be prevented with pre-emergent but receiving the right applications can stop up to 90 different species of weeds from germinating in upcoming seasons. 

Post-emergent Weed Control 

Following pre-emergents, targeted weed control can be applied during the peak growing season to catch any weeds that breakthrough. It’s important to know what type of grass you have and what type of weeds you are dealing with in order to be successful. Certain grass types like Centipede and St. Augustine are more sensitive to weed control in high temperatures. If you are handing your own lawn care, it’s crucial to always read and follow the label for the products you will be applying. 

Pulling Weeds & Proper Mowing 

With certain difficult and persistent weeds, chemical treatment can only do so much. Nutsedge is a common summer weed that can’t be prevented with a pre-emergent. While you can target it with post-emergent herbicides, it is a fast-growing bright green weed that can almost pop up again overnight. Increasing your mowing schedule through the growing season will help keep weeds premature, which will make any herbicide more effective. Pulling weeds by hand is a quick strategy to clean up the lawn but will not guarantee eradication. For best results when hand-pulling weeds, make sure you have tools to completely remove the weed by the roots. 


Whether you decide to take the more natural route or treat your weeds chemically, an Atlanta lawn clean of weeds is an attainable goal. You can trust the professionals at All Turf Lawn Care for all the weed control and fertilization your lawn needs. We’ve been offering lawn care services to the greater Atlanta area since 2005. Contact us today for a free estimate. 


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