Lawn Care Services in Lawrenceville, GA Explained

Mar 13, 2016 | General

We will perform a free lawn care estimate for your lawn.

Weeds, lawn disease, pests, and drought are just a few of the wearing elements that hurt the health and appearance of your lawn. Many Georgia residents quickly find that landscaping and a regular sprinkling of their lawn are not enough to keep their yard healthy and rich in color. In order to give Georgia Lawns the support it needs, chemical and organic lawn care is a necessary annual process.

All Turf Lawn Care is a leading chemical lawn maintenance provider for Lawrenceville, Georgia. Licensed and educated in organic and chemical lawn treatment products, our technicians will customize a treatment program to fit the needs of your turfgrass.

Customized Lawn Care Programs

9 Step Basic Lawn Care

Our licensed and experienced technicians have developed a lawn care program proven to deliver strength and protection to your turf grass. No contract needed, we will continue to treat your lawn all year long.

12 Step Premium Lawn Care

Our premium care program is a cut above the rest. This offering not only gives your yard the strength, protection and nutrients but it receives extra attention in each of those areas. No contract is necessary; we will continue to treat your lawn annually.

Additional Lawn Maintenance Services

Weed Control

Weeds are stubborn, invasive and are harmful to the health of your lawn. All Turf’s knowledge and superior products will get rid of the weeds in your lawn as well as treat the pre-emergent weeds from surviving.


Supplying your turf with the correct nutrients when it needs it is crucial in developing a beautiful, healthy lawn. Our quality organic products will replenish your lawn’s nutrients and aid in growth and color development.

Top Dressing and Sanding

Get a Golf Course lookalike lawn by applying top dressing to your turf grass. All Turf uses a mix, including Erth Foods, in order to help your grass retain moisture, aid in drainage as well as fend of disease and pests.

Lawn Disease Control

Lawn disease is often characterized by spottiness or fungus within your yard; All Turf can protect your lawn from disease as well as recuperate your grass from any past disease attacks.

Core Aeration and Seeding

Over time, your yard will become compacted and the elements will work to diminish the thickness of your grass. Aeration and seeding will help reverse compacting while allowing your grass roots to breathe. Seeding replenishes the grass that may have been lost due to the seasonal elements.

Ornamental and Shrub Program

Ornamental trees and shrubs are often the pride and joy of a yard. All Turf believes these ornamentals are investments and should be protected against pests, disease and harsh weather.

Contact us today to schedule a free lawn consultation and estimate by one of our Lawn Care Technicians. We look forward in helping your get a beautiful lawn this year!

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