Monroe, GA Lawn Care Services

Mar 13, 2016 | General

The city of Monroe, Georgia offers the beautiful enticement of the historical south mixed with the new and urban city life. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn care options!

All Turf Lawn care has found a unique service offering in Monroe, the beautiful homes (new or ante-bellum) deserve a beautiful, healthy lawn at a convenient pace and affordable price. All Turf specializes in Georgia lawns in the metro-Atlanta area. We give award winning lawn health in a variety of packages.

Our lawn care technicians customize our programs to suit the needs of your lawn and work with you on deciding which program is right for you budget.

Our Lawn Care Programs

8 Step Basic Lawn Care

Our basic lawn care program provides much needed nutrients and fertilizers at key points throughout the year to help your lawn’s health and appearance. We’ve got all the bases covered with this one. No contract needed, we’ll continue to treat your lawn until you tell us otherwise.

12 Step Premium Lawn Care

A step up from our basic lawn care program, we provide all of the necessary treatment applications plus some additional care that will give your lawn an award winning look and feel. No contract necessary for our premium program, either.

Learn more about our other services:

Weed Control

Weeds are stubborn, but so are we. We know how to fight weeds and prevent them from returning. Leave this job to us.


Georgia red clay doesn’t provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs. Our fertilization tactics and commercial grade treatments give grass the nutrients it lacks. For a beautiful, healthy green lawn, leave the lawn fertilization to us.

Top Dressing and Sanding

Top dressing and sanding helps improve drainage, moisture retention and is a great way to prevent disease. We use only the best top dressing products, including Erth Foods.

Lawn Disease Control

Georgia lawns are highly susceptible to lawn disease because of the subtropical climate characteristics of the southeastern regions. Our lawn disease control programs and top of the line products have been proven to help fight lawn disease in Georgia lawns.

Core Aeration and Seeding

At least once a year, your yard should be aerated and reseeded. This allows your grass roots to breathe while replenishing the turf lost from natural elements throughout the year.

Ornamental and Shrub Program

In addition to your regular lawn care, if you have taken the time to landscape your yard with trees, shrubs and other ornamentals, you’ll want to protect that investment. We have developed a shrub and ornamental treatment program to ensure healthy plants and to ward of pests and disease.

The Best Lawn Care Service in Atlanta

Today Is the Begining of Your Lawn Transformation

With our program, you can have the lawn of your dreams. Give us a try. We don’t lock you into any contracts!