Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

Apr 10, 2015 | Lawn Care Tips

April showers have already begun across Georgia, but experts from the local water authority say that is no reason to stop conserving outdoor water (or indoor water) as we do during droughts. Studies actually show that people tend to ‘over water’ their lawns more in Georgia than is necessary, damaging to the turf by causing shallow root growth – meaning the grass will be less likely to survive during droughts. The experts at All Turf Lawn Care understand how important your lawn is to you, so we want to help by sharing some outdoor watering guidelines/tips. After all, too much or too little water over time can affect your overall lawn treatment plan!

Being “Water Smart”


  • Keep your lawnmower blade sharp; this prevents the grass from needing more water due to choppy cuts of the grass blade.
  • Follow recommended cutting heights for your type of turf and cut frequently. You can even change the blade height to a high setting to encourage the grass to grow deeper; this helps survival during droughts.

    grass heights

    Mowing Heights for Turfgrasses in Georgia via watersmart.com

Collecting Water:

  • An easy way to collect outdoor water is to place a rain barrel underneath a downspout and use a screen to keep out debris out of the water.
  • Mosquitos in Georgia are always a concern with standing water, so it is worth the extra cash to buy some “mosquito dunk” tablets to prevent them from breeding in the water.
  • Check out how cisterns and easy irrigation systems can be installed in your yard (if you’re interested) with an easy search online.
  • Collecting indoor water to use is another great way to conserve water and keep your plants thriving.


  • Water your lawn early in the morning or at nighttime; this is recommended so the sun and heat do not cause too much evaporation of the water from your lawn during the day.
  • If your landscape trees or shrubs are showing causes of extreme drought (graying, wilting, etc.) try pruning them back (up to ½ if necessary) to help them.
  • In worse case scenarios, focus on the plants in your yard that are the most valuable (the highest cost to replace) and selectively water them using rain barrels or water saved from inside the home.

County Water & Sewerage Authority

To find out what Georgia water restrictions your area is currently under at any point in the year, look for the information posted from your local county’s water and sewage authority. Not sure where to look? Do a quick Google search of your “county’s name+outdoor water restrictions+year;” this will usually take you directly to the document you are looking for. (Example: Cobb County outdoor water restrictions 2015)

Questions or concerns? Call All Turf Lawn Care today and we will be glad to help you figure out your local watering schedule! Plus, we can schedule a lawn treatment plan and/or weed control to keep your yard healthy and green all spring and summer long!


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