Protecting Your Lawn This Winter

Jan 12, 2015 | Lawn Care Tips

The lawn care technicians at All Turf hope you’re staying warm this winter, but would like to remind everyone not to completely ignore your Georgia lawn during this season. It is true that the months during winter require less maintenance for lawn care, but with zero attention given, some undesirable results may show up in spring. Below are a few simple tips for your winter lawn care.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

  • Tidy It Up – It is very important not to let leaves, sticks, children’s toys, etc. lay around in your yard during winter. This seems simple enough, but since you’re less likely to be spending your time outside in the freezing temperatures, this can be overlooked. Make it a point to do a ‘sweep’ of your yard throughout the wintertime. If your grass gets covered up by random items during this time that is not removed, you could end up with unsightly dead spots on your lawn in the spring.
  • Keep Off – When your lawn begins turning brown in the wintertime people often tread on it more ‘just because’ it already looks damaged. The truth is, your grass is alive and well for the most part, but excessive foot traffic is not a good idea while it is in this weak state. The same is true for automobiles, though these can actually kill the grass completely due to the tire treads.
  • Eradicate Weeds – Believe it or not, some weeds actually thrive in cold weather. Depending on the type of grass you have, these weeds may be easy to see during the winter months. If the weeds are few, get a weed-killing spray that is grass friendly. However, if the weeds are taking over your yard, call All Turf or your local lawn professional more for help.

While the to-do list for winter lawn care is short, the best course of action is actually prevention in the fall. A good rule of thumb is to aerate, fertilize, and mow your yard before the first freeze of winter occurs.

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