Pythium Blight Fungus in Your Lawn

Feb 8, 2021 | Lawn Diseases

Lawns can encounter different common lawn diseases throughout the year. Some are easier to address than others, but knowing what to look for is key to keeping your lawn healthy. One common lawn fungus for Atlanta lawns is Pythium Blight. Atlanta humidity can be a big factor in this disease invading your lawn but there are a few ways to address and prevent lawn fungus.

How to Identify Fungus in Your Lawn

Pythium Blight is also called “cottony blight” which refers to the cotton candy-like growth of white, fluffy disease that can infect turfgrass. Pythium Blight is similar in appearance to dollar spot fungus, with the spotted discoloration of the turf. However, it differs in the fact that the grass blades themselves won’t have lesions on them like dollar spot. It is identified by the cotton candy growth on the lawn or will even have a “cobweb” appearance. The fungus can feel slimy or greasy when rubbed between two fingers. 

What Causes Pythium Blight?

This lawn fungus is caused and encouraged by wet weather conditions. Pythium can spread by water flow throughout a lawn and even through mowing equipment. Areas of poor drainage that experience extended periods of standing water or moisture are vulnerable to disease. Here in Georgia, lawns are most susceptible to Pythium Blight during wet, humid Atlanta weather caused by morning/afternoon rain showers.  

Prevention and Treatment for Pythium Blight Fungus

Good cultural practices will help prevent this fungus from invading your lawn. Keeping to an early morning watering schedule, mowing 5-7 days apart, following the 1/3 rule, and regular aeration to allow for good drainage in the turf will keep the disease at bay. Pythium Blight can be treated with fungicide products to stop the disease when present. Check with your current lawn care provider about receiving lawn fungicide treatment. 

No matter what you do, your lawn is a living thing with a mind of its own. A fungus may find a way in, and quick action is always vital to your lawn’s health. With All Turf Lawn Care, curative fungicide applications are included with our Monthly Lawn Care Program, which can save you money in the long run. Caring for a lawn can present some unpredictable obstacles but the pros at All Turf are here to help. Contact us today for lawn care tips or a quote for your Atlanta lawn.


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